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Courses, Lessons, Workshops & Masterclasses:

Violin Technique & Repertoire

Orchestra Audition Preparation & Coaching

Chamber Music & Ensemble Coaching

Classical Music Improvisation

Non-Tonal Improvisation

Improvisation - Diverse Musical Styles

Cross-Arts Improvisation

Improvisation Ensemble Skills

Songwriting & Composition

Contemporary Studio & Stage Techniques

Music As Meditation & The Art of Mystical Improvisation

Extended Playing Techniques

Soundscapes & Contemporary Playing Techniques

Going Electric for Strings

Live Looping for Going Electric

Understanding Rhythm, Harmony, Chords & Melody

Personal Mentoring & Coaching Sessions

Meditation & Relaxation For Musicians & Music Teachers

Healing Stage-Fright

The Keys To Creative Awesomeness

Music Improvisation For Teens

Bands & Solo Acts Workshop Series

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